Ai Menina by Lia Sophia

I was meditating on love for Shane on the back porch and suddenly those thoughts slipped away and underneath revealed me partying at the gas station, fresh off the bus, those first moments celebrating Carnival in Olinda. I saw us standing there in our festive get-ups, a strange memory to arise as Shane and Brazil are only connected in my eternal love for both.

“Ai Menina, vem!”

That white powder thrown in the air twirling and spinning around, dust in the wind, we laugh and chase like kids, revenge is the sweetness of flour bombs in the tropical sun, those mysterious liquids in innertubes, we drink whatever they give us and follow suit,

“Pra roda vem!”

The gente flow to the city center, a crowd of party people reminds me of Homecoming//Halloween weekend in Madison, the guy on the corner finishing the beer bong, he passes it to me, “AMERICAN!”, the others piss in the street of shade, curly cue passes me the can and tells me to breathe, “LOLO!”, the trees start to shake and vibrate, no more of whatever that was,

“Ai Menina!”

O grupo mantles above the city, drunk in the summer sun, our legs melt down the side of the cement wall they dangle from, sporadic memory recall, suddenly I am dancing at a side stage, “I’m from Fortaleza! You will come stay with me in my house!”, “Okkaaayy!”, food appears at some point and I am still dancing,

“Todo mundo balança no teu bailado…”

The sun sets, dazed and confused, the others pass by on a truck bed, I jump and ride along, the breeze passes through our follicles and we are all laughing, we get to the bus, the only seat is the plastic cover of the internal motor, I sprawl across it, five brasileiros take notice, singing and dancing, the whole crowd is still merry, moving in for the kill, his lips graze mine, the driver flashes the lights overhead and the whole bus erupts,



6 thoughts on “Ai Menina by Lia Sophia

  1. Dermott Hayes says:

    Yeehaa, what a way to bookmark a day…I’ve been writing since 8am, on and off. My day started when I read a blog called Good Morning and now Ai Menina. Your timing is impeccable but for me, it could never be better. It’s time to lay down my pen, so to speak, hit the street and go for a drink…with Ai menina ringing in my ears, superb

    Liked by 1 person

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