Way Down We Go – Kaleo

I’m writing about the present moment because it too will become a memory as time is fleeting. I was watching a documentary on various artists: a potter, a musician, a dancer, a glass blower, an architect. It was just their personal thoughts on creativity, sex, inspiration, and their processes. Currently I have this song on repeat, it’s dusk, the birds are singing their songs, the air is chilly and damp from the short lived storm, and three candles are burning and scenting the air as a slight glow reflects off the two crystals placed in front of them. I’m curled up in a ball against the wall on my bed, my big, white dog is asleep at my feet. These are the thoughts currently pouring out of my mind:

“Whoa, you let your feet run wild…”

I’ve been in the process of writing this book for two years, but the process has been more like, well, there’s this idea that I have and everyone nodding their heads, smiling, telling me it’s a great idea. It doesn’t get much further than that. After watching that documentary I opened the old document I had started. Well, the rough draft copy I submitted to grad school had me rename my friend Xylo. Then I thought, why’d I name him that? All I could think was, “She’s like a xylophone, high-pitched and colourful.”

“We get what we deserve…”

Anyways, after watching that movie, I thought about that Ted Talk with Elizabeth Gilbert where she describes how she knows she will probably never create anything that lives up to Eat, Pray, Love and all I could think was, what is this fascination that creatives have with having this one great masterpiece and trying to outdo it? The mere fact that you’re cognitive about trying to “beat” it already ruins the organic process of creating.

“They will run you down till you crawl…”

Here’s what I wrote:

The Best Piece You’ll Ever Create

The artist is wrong, the public is wrong, the media is wrong, society is wrong, every teacher you ever had, I beg to differ. Creators take a certain pride in what they’ve accomplished and when they’ve seemed to accomplish the best work of their career, they’re asked where do you go from here? How do you trump that masterpiece? A creator should never feel a slave to the masses to produce something that the vast majority will like or even understand. It should be a spiritual process, a primal process, the freedom that exists, the only true freedom that exists is in the fruition of imagination.

Everyone is wrong anyways, the best piece an artist will ever create won’t be a piece, but the life they live.

The greatest creatives that ever lived, the work was interesting because the people were.

“Way down we go…”


3 thoughts on “Way Down We Go – Kaleo

  1. serenasinclair says:

    Yes. So much yes. My two loves I pursued were music and writing. Two areas in which it’s never quite good enough, there’s always someone better, even if it’s your last performance, your last novel. It’s a world where you just want to create and your terrified of sharing your creations all at the same time. Thank you for writing this, it was a refreshing perspective to read.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Disco Lemonade says:

      Yes! Everyone would be happier creators if we were creating from the depths of our souls every time. Media and social networking has destroyed the process a bit and added this extra bit of insecurity and ego that destroys the very reasons for creation.

      Liked by 1 person

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