Dreams and Time Shifts

I had a dream last night I was on a tour bus//camper thing with Ari Solar, Rachel Mandala and Cueyo. Cueyo was driving, Ari was sketching, maybe Rachel was painting or something. We were driving through San Francisco and I was talking about how it’s so different than any city in regards to the drugs always just being out there, and how other cities compare, like St. Louis watching somebody get shot in the street. Then Dons and Betsy came stumbling downstairs and I escaped into some white crawl space tunnel air duct thing and was pushing myself along with my foot along the wall. Then I fell into a really nice bathroom. Toilet water splashed, someone had a really expensive and nice shower loofah that I was debating using loll I was like no wonder the girls have such nice skin. Bourgeois loofahs. Corbie was there and anxious about it at one point. The actor Mark Ruffalo was there and he was being sassy with me so I kissed him. It was a really rough and abrasive kiss. It’s exactly how I imagine he is.

I started reading this stuff about timeline shifts and splits the other day.

Timeline-Reality Split, Frequency Vibration, and the Hidden Forces of Life

The beginning half of that one is weird, so I skipped that part and went straight to the part about timeline splits and that’s when it got really interesting.


This one is about focusing so hard on the reality you want that you collapse all other realities into manifesting the one you want.

I started looking into it because Bob was talking to me on the phone the other night about how he feels a timeline shift or something is happening. I told him I wanted to read a journal entry I wrote back in May to him because I knew exactly what he was talking about:

“5/8/16 Birds Chirping, Spring Sunshine

THIS is a strange time in my life. A strange time in the universe as well.

Things feel like they’re changing, they’re moving forward underneath it all, but nothing has changed in physical reality so far, except my perception of it I suppose.

Things are happening on the 4th dimension, a time shift, or time line switch or something, idk, but it’s definitely time related and unseen these changes. Time keeps popping up in conversations, the fluidity of it.

I was telling Judy on Saturday the memories and intuition are the same thing, it’s the continuous flow of time, the river of time. One just feeling the past while the other is feeling the future.

That’s why I love that monologue from my infinity song, “Time is a landscape and we move through it slice by slice by slice.”

I was telling Judy that time is the only thing that makes any of these experiences possible and that’s truly beautiful because we’re third dimensional creatures, but if we lived in the fourth dimension we’d see everything, we would just be light. Time is the ingredient necessary to experience this life and sometimes it blips and we get to experience moments twice, whether in a prophetic dream, deja vu or in a time loop experienced in reality.

Maybe that’s what causes these “traffic jams” in life, the feeling of “trapped energy” is just our incessant need to try and control time.

I know one thing is true: I’m trusting my intuition from now on. It knows what’s up. I haven’t gotten any powerful messages from it since Shane, but that’s the one I wish I’d listened to, so now I’m convinced. Intuition is future memories because the time continuum doesn’t stop.

A lot of people don’t understand this, but the ones that do, WOW, it’s like the quantum universe starts exploding in my field of vision.

Something huge is coming. I can feel it bubbling up. The abundance of life and love is slowly rising up. I’m excited for when it explodes out of me and life becomes the wonderful adventure that it is once more ^_^”

When I read Bob the entry he was like YASS!! YEA! YES! That’s it! That’s how it feels right now!

Yesterday we were talking at work and I drew him a diagram of my idea about quantum people and linear people based on the flow of light as either a wave function or as particles. When light is perceived by the human eye it functions as a wave, but when it isn’t being watched, it acts as a particle. Yesterday I added to that idea, the wave function is masculine energy and the particle function is feminine energy. Masculine energy is jagged, rigid, edges, there’s only one way to something. Feminine energy is infinite, all encompassing, round and flowing, there’s any way to any thing.

I’ve also been into this idea of Divine Timing a lot lately too. That certain things are going to happen whether we want them to or not and we will always arrive exactly where we’re supposed to be when the time is right.


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