The End of a 9 Year Cycle



A friend told me to look back at old journals a few months ago and find patterns, that you can always find them repeating once you recognize them. Another friend told me that this is a 9 year according to numerology (2+0+1+6 = 9). This means that it’s the end of a cycle that has been occurring since 2008. So I decided to really look at my life since 2008 and find my own reoccurring patterns.

Year 1 + 2008:

UW-Sheboygan Vice President, Chamber of Commerce Public Relations Intern, United Council Events// 2 Year Board member, make out buddies with Lucas Worley, hipster dance party phase, awesome trip to New York in autumn, 80’s babies party w. New fluorescent high tops

Year 2 + 2009:

Start school @ UW-Stevens Point, 90FM radio dj, besties with Jessie, awesome Friday the 13th and seeing everybody, living with Kayla and Ellen, Earth Mama and adventure life, Noah and the Whale concert in Minneapolis

Year 3 + 2010:

Plaid party, friends with Jesse Nowaczyk, Colin Bares and Katie Kloth, spring break in New York, get lip pierced, road trip//move Chris to New York,  living in the dorms alone, make out desk buddy SGA, Communications Director for Student Government Association, fight with Kayla and Nikki and Stacy Kohls, Christian group and bible studies

Year 4 + 2011:

Last semester @Stevens Point, quit student government, protests and walkouts for Walker, inheritance, beginning of perpetual travel life, take Betsy to New York for her birthday, semester abroad: London

Year 5 + 2012:

Eugene, Oregon, best summer of my life, Kiyaka Cataldo, Cueyolaux, Ari Solar, Maria, Steak Life, San Francisco, #PartyBus4Us, cool job, cool politickin’//philosophizin’//graffiti artist friends, happiness !!! get nose pierced

Year 6 + 2013:

Return to Europe, Guapo, dream about polar bears in the ocean “where are the polar bears?” scene, lose virginity, road trip down east coast with Christian, first tarot reading “You are love and will be surrounded by love and it will be abundantly flowing out of your cup”, return to Oregon, start meditating, hiking up hill see the exact physical makeup of the “polar bears” dream at the top of the hill overlooking the city, return to Milwaukee, find out my birth number is 33, universe keeps sending me strangers to read my aura

Year 7 + 2014:

4 months in Brazil, fall in love with Juanes, love my family, love Rio de Janeiro, love violinist man, South America tattoo, love art, need to do art, move home start doing art, mysterious trip to New York for Bryan’s 25th birthday, dream about Juanes coming to America, next day Juanes messages me he has news for me, I ask him is it that he’s coming to America? He asks how I know, tell him because I dreamt about it last night, Juanes and I party out New Years in New York//DC with Christian, Chris & Chewie, start following Jupiter cycles, Jupiter enters Leo

Year 8 + 2015:

Continue art, volunteering at art center, for Frank Juarez, visual arts group, start Kaleidoscope with Judy, receive $3,000 grant for program, weekend in LA, leave for residency in Argentina, full moon eclipse with Venezuelans, hottest make out//sex pact with Juanes, colour party in Aracaju, meet Shane, powerful dream “you are in a great spiritual transformation, you have to cry a lot, you will cry a lot”, Jupiter enters Virgo

Year 9 + 2016:

Road trip to Arizona//date Shane, awesome sex, dark night of the soul, terrible depression, crying a lot, join Laughter Yoga, join Peace Park, join women’s group, art show//Wampus festival in St. Louis w. Chris & Chewie, Americana art show in Des Moines, awesome job at children’s museum, become besties with Bob, becoming self confident and ready for next chapter of life, Jupiter enters Libra



Art: cycle starts out surrounded by artists and art friends, hits a peak in 2012 out in Oregon, switches roles in 2013 because I know I can’t do politics anymore I have to do art, too afraid, too self-conscious, finally after Brazil in 2014 I realize I can’t do anything but art, dedicate life to art <333

Body modifications: gauge ears to  lip piercing to nose piercing to tattoo of South America on left palm

Solo travel: begins in New York lots with Chris, then really takes off in 2011 with study abroad trip to London

Relationships: start out initially just make out buddy situations that lead to more sexually intense and intimate relationships with Kiyaka in 2012, Guapo in 2013, Juanes in 2014 – present, Shane in 2015//2016

Dreams: each year seems to have one prolific fortune telling dream

Brain: cycle starts out very left brain with focus on politics and just artist friends, then peaks and segways, into very right brain focus on arts and friends with politicians LOLL

Esoteric Phenom: Synchronicities, deja vus, dreams, started off slowly and really took off at the end with more focus on it, more efforts to understand the subconscious and ‘darker’ sides of life to become a more whole well-rounded person



Interestingly the whole cycle peaks at the midway point 2011//2012//2013

To create a balance and a harmonious relationship with  this next cycle will be best to find a career that focuses on left AND right brain activity, so it’s not just a battle between the two but a merging and evolving forward


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