Life, Expectations and Wants

“Never ask advice of someone with whom you wouldn’t want to trade places.”

As I get older I’ve started to notice a shift. Some of the people I used to admire and look up to have fallen off. The expectations I had of some of my friends weren’t the expectations they had for themselves and vice versa, some of the people I didn’t look up to, but looked up to me, I now look up to them.

A friend from high school called the other day and told me she used to look up to me in high school because of my work ethic. I was working 3 jobs and stayed at all of them 4 years. She bounced around a lot between customer service jobs. She eventually found her way and now makes $60,000+/year salary doing web design. I now look up to her for advice in my career as I’m currently jobless.

There was a guy I really looked up to when I was in student government. He was very charismatic, adorable, strong-willed, fun and educated. He was president of our state student association. At some point he dropped out of school and moved to Florida. I forgot all about him until I was on Facebook the other day and an old mutual friend’s name popped up. I have no idea what he does, but I know that he fell off the map completely.

My bestie out in Oregon. She is now pregnant, running her own business, working my old job as a campus organizer, owns her own house, bought a brand new car, lost 100 lbs. and has other side jobs as well. She has set up a life for herself that is very secure and stable. A life that she loves.

Through these encounters in the last month, I’ve realized that we all get what we want out of life. We get what we focus our energy on. I’ve realized that life is actually just figuring out what you want, finding various ways to obtain it and being patient enough to let these things open up to you.

Tonight I realized the three things I want in this life:

  1. To live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the Leblon//Jardim Botanico districts
  2. Juanes, I love this man and my heart and soul only want him
  3. To create and spread my art all around the world

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”