Gatekeeper by Feist

This song just came on my YouTube playlist. I quickly searched to see if I’d written about this place and time in my mind’s eye; what luck!

“Gatekeeper, seasons wait for your nod…”

Cuddled up from head to tow, November nights, snow storms and those $75 in city fines accumulated from blocked up driveways from city parking jobs, that apartment that smelled like sausages, political activation, rusty pipes in a dingy basement set the scene, the magic carpet ride,

“It’s a scene you set for new lovers…”

Battleships, colouring books, The Village, a pull down mattress and all those other boys that laid between us, our love only fared well beneath the sheets, you’ll kiss me once, I’ll always fall asleep and sneak away at 4am,

“You play your part, painting in a new start…”

You’ll always wonder where I’ve gone,

“Each gate will open another…”


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