Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare by Matt & Kim

“Show me the side streets in your life…”

The month of May, second semester 2010, spring is in the air, that lilac tree, oh! how the pinks and purples pollinate me!

“Petty theft for penny crimes…”

A borrowed CD on a busted player – they can’t miss what they don’t know is gone, macaroni and cheese, a synapse glimpse to the science hall, mid-afternoons spent in historical notoriety, the times they really are a-changin’, a quick rinse thru the dishes, an open door on a second floor balcony,

“and we yell!”

That concert we missed in the city, forgotten identification -don’t worry he’ll make it up to you in 6 years, a planetarium, a concert hall, a subway ride converges with a drunk bike ride, two completely different experiences merge into one memory, separate the crowd, the future boys will think you’re cool cause you dance,

“AHHHH!!! Like a good ol’ fashion nightmare…”


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