Your Own Story

Sometimes we are so busy distracting ourselves with other people’s stories, thinking about how amazing they are, we forget about our own unique story. I didn’t realize how interesting my own personal story is until I moved here and started telling people it.

I think there is something important in adoring your own story. It is a form of love for oneself to say, “I have lived and I have lived well.” It’s important to love your story because it makes it easier to love and appreciate others.

Life is, after all, one giant journey of experiences.


There is a Cat Next Door

There is a cat next door that keeps meowing at my window. She stares at me as tho she knows me. There is a cat next door with olive green eyes. The same eyes I’ve only seen in Egypt. There is a cat next door which I’m pretty sure knows me. A friend from Egypt told me, “It is custom to our culture, that if a cat or dog hangs around you, it is because they know you from a previous life.” I could say the same about people. There is a cat next door that comes and goes as she pleases, but always returns to that which she belongs. She reminds me that everything I do and everywhere I am is exactly where I belong.

Moving On

I write a lot about letting go, but what about moving on? Some might say they’re one and the same, but I beg to differ. One to me symbolizes dropping things and the other, to me, symbolizes the act of finally walking away.

A new cycle has started in my life. Something inside me finally felt ready and called to move on from all the heaviness of my past, to let it all go, to quit floating and get to work. An old friend helped me get my resume together, wrote a cover letter for me and applied to three jobs to get me started on my new path. The rest was up to me.

I got a call back from the Art museum in the city I was born and raised in. I was so ecstatic. My mama took me shopping for interview clothes and she told me, “I can tell you’re serious about it this time because you’re buying new clothes just for the job.”

Then I went in for my interview. I was so nervous and when it was over they told me I was great. A week later they told me I got the job and that they loved me. A couple days later I was looking for places to live. Another friend put me through her program that gave me a whole new working wardrobe of all clothes from second hand stores.

I found a place to live and started my job in the same week. It was nerve wracking, it was exciting and it kept me on my toes because finally I am moving on in the direction of my dreams.

This experience has taught me that your friends, the ones who really care about you, they’re not always who you think it’ll be, but they want to see you succeed as much as you want to. They are going to help you and they are going to push you, but when you finally make the decision to move on, the whole universe is going to create a net when you decide to take that leap of faith.